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Companies Respond to Consumer Need for Men’s Laundry

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Jersey City, NJ, May 11, 2016

Men of every age and status are beginning to take responsibility for what used to be deemed a “woman’s job” and they’re doing it with swagger.

Single men are heading to the laundromat with products made to get the job done, a man’s way. They leave with a sense of confidence, feeling well groomed and well versed in household duties. The girls nearby take notice of the clean, manly scent, too.  Married men have taken over many household chores in order to make their spouses happier, not only by easing the load, but by having the end result smell fresh and masculine.

“It’s not all about laundry, we don’t consider ourselves a laundry company,” the founder and President of Clutch makes his vision clear. “Our dryer sheets simply give guys confidence. Confidence to smell great at work without overpowering people with cologne, the convenience of leaving the house without spraying something everywhere, and peace of mind knowing you’ll smell more manly than with traditional brands.”

And he is not the only person who feels that way. Clutch was recently featured on Good Morning America’s “Suds & Studs” segment, which discussed the same topic of men’s laundry in a humorous fashion. In addition, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg recently praised an Indian detergent commercial for spreading the message that dads should "share the load" of household responsibilities with their wives. Links to these videos can be found below in case you have not come across them online.

It is safe to say masculine scented laundry products are not just a trend, but more of a shift in the way our society thinks about household responsibilities.


Clutch is a men's consumer goods brand. Our vision is to affordably enhance self-confidence through premier, scented products. We like to help people define manliness in their own way, especially through scent. Let’s bring back manliness.

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